The daily progress to the Martis Campus is nothing short of remarkable. Construction crews are working 6 days a week to make it happen. Enjoy the video update.

Nothing quite like kicking off the school year with an event that brings our whole communiTEA together to experience a little “constructive adversity!” Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s great to see so many smiling faces around campus. Welcome back to school CommuniTEA!

Have you ever had a dream about being on a mission to Mars? The 6th-grade crew at Tahoe Expedition Academy lived out that dream during their “Space Expedition” learning expedition.

Tahoe Expedition Academy High School students conduct scientific research in harsh volcanic landscapes and atop 13,000-foot mountains in Hawaii.

Have you ever wondered, “What can I do to help the Sierra Nevada Yellow Legged Frog survive?” If you haven’t, then let the Kindergarten crew at TEA tell you why you should.

Some question whether or not Tahoe Expedition Academy is a “real school.” Erica Kennedy, one of our school’s first ever graduates, tackled that perception head on in her graduation speech. Read her speech in its entirety here.  

These 3 and 4 year-olds demonstrate community, responsibility, and caring for the natural world while learning to stay safe in the wilderness.

We are so proud of the first graduates from Tahoe Expedition Academy! These six are off to do amazing things in the world and are headed to incredible schools like UCSD, Scripps, Northeastern Honors College, Chapman University and Emerson.

When you’re a 3rd-grader participating in a school-run blacksmithing club, you know you’re somewhere special. Thank you to Loren (seen in background) for giving the students freedom while providing strict protocols (that are quite necessary when working with a 3000 degree forge!)

If the Donner Party had been equipped with sturdier covered wagons, would more of them have survived their infamous journey over Donner Summit in the winter of 1847? And how would you build a stronger wagon?

Students canoed 25 miles of the Colorado River as it winds along the Arizona/California border to gain a deep understanding of the challenges on both sides of the fence.

Our middle school track and field team traveled to South Lake Tahoe today for a meet. Congrats to everyone who competed. Great weather and an awesome facility made for a great day of competition.

Thank you, teachers, for doing everything you do to make Tahoe Expedition Academy such an inspiring, challenging, compassionate, magical, all-encompassing, opportunistic and just plain awesome place to go to school.

When the BBC comes to your school to film part of a documentary on innovation in education…