These 3 and 4 year-olds demonstrate community, responsibility, and caring for the natural world while learning to stay safe in the wilderness.

We are so proud of the first graduates from Tahoe Expedition Academy! These six are off to do amazing things in the world and are headed to incredible schools like UCSD, Scripps, Northeastern Honors College, Chapman University and Emerson.

When you’re a 3rd-grader participating in a school-run blacksmithing club, you know you’re somewhere special. Thank you to Loren (seen in background) for giving the students freedom while providing strict protocols (that are quite necessary when working with a 3000 degree forge!)

If the Donner Party had been equipped with sturdier covered wagons, would more of them have survived their infamous journey over Donner Summit in the winter of 1847? And how would you build a stronger wagon?

Students canoed 25 miles of the Colorado River as it winds along the Arizona/California border to gain a deep understanding of the challenges on both sides of the fence.

Our middle school track and field team traveled to South Lake Tahoe today for a meet. Congrats to everyone who competed. Great weather and an awesome facility made for a great day of competition.

Thank you, teachers, for doing everything you do to make Tahoe Expedition Academy such an inspiring, challenging, compassionate, magical, all-encompassing, opportunistic and just plain awesome place to go to school.

When the BBC comes to your school to film part of a documentary on innovation in education…

We’re at the Earth Day celebration at Squaw Valley. Come by and say hello!

2017 marked our Biathlon TEAm’s fifth year. Biathlon is a combination of target shooting with .22 cal rifles and nordic skate skiing. It is regarded as the most challenging winter endurance sport and originated from 18th-century Norwegian military practices.

This week in music, grades 4-6, we visited the Sierra Senior Center. Students were broken into groups where they interviewed an elder and discovered their musical tastes and background.

Sunshine, hero snow, and excellent company made for a terrific day at @squawalpine. The 7th and 8th graders practically had the mountain to themselves for some fresh air and free range Crew bonding. Thanks again to Eric for making these incredible days happen for our TEAm!

WOW….. Jack and Ms. Katie setup another cool field study today. Echo Crew journeyed to Lake View Slab (located at the south end of Washoe Lake State Park) as part of their study about geology. Such beautiful weather for this field study. The crew demonstrated true TEA spirit as they scaled the face of Lake View Slab. We may have some Rutkiewicz/Viesturs in the makings….

Judy Klein is an Assistant Professor at the UCSF-ZSFG Department of Emergency Medicine. Judy will present on the importance of connection with nature and risky play in the outdoors.

Today is Challenge Day at Tahoe Expedition Academy. Our students will spend the ENTIRE DAY OUTSIDE while their lesson plans continue. Yes, even in the snow!