Staff Board Reports

The Tahoe Expedition Academy Board of Trustees conducts open board meeting sessions every other month. During these open sessions, the Tahoe Expedition Academy leadership team reports on the progress being made to each of our strategic plan goals.


Strategic Planning Goals:


Goal #1: Grow Our Student Body & Deliver on Student Outcomes

Goal #2: Refine & Scale TEA Magic

Goal #3: Attract, Develop & Retain the best TEAm

Goal #4: Thrive Financially

Goal #5: Develop a world-class campus

2019-20 Board Meeting Open Session Schedule

Approximately once every other month through the school year, our Board of Trustees invite our community to participate in an open portion of their board meeting. During this portion, staff report on our progress being made to our Strategic Planning Goals. To view those goals and an archive of previous staff reports, scroll to the bottom page.

The open portion of the board meetings is from 9:00 – 10:00. Prior to the meeting, we will share the staff reports electronically so the open portion can be used to answer any questions. Meetings are held at the Truckee Airport.

2019-20 Open Board Meeting Schedule

  • Oct 16
  • Dec 11
  • Feb 12
  • Apr 8
  • June 10