On-Campus Instruction Preparation

Risk Management and Mitigation Committee

The Risk Management and Mitigation Committee serves to review, update and implement our existing policies, procedures and protocols for delivering our program. This work includes facilities and campus development, training and professional development, ensuring best practices while conducting on campus and off campus activities, procuring the necessary resources for on campus and off campus experiences and activities and prioritizing the health and safety of our people – students, parents, faculty and staff. Our Risk Management and Mitigation Committee includes:

  • Taylor Simmers – Co-Founder
  • Ken Martin – Director of Operations and Finance
  • Brian Collier – Facilities Manager
  • Dennis Griffiths – EMT, Facilities and Training
  • Sabrina Ruyle – Transportation Manager
  • Eric Martin – Athletics and Activities Director 
  • Dr. John Swanson – TEA Medical Advisor

Facilities Enhancements: Leaning into Outdoor Space

In terms of facilities for this fall, we are finalizing steps to ensure we can welcome back students as soon as we are able. We have finished construction on the ECE building to create a more open, multi-functional space for fall 2020, repaired the existing learning cottages (funded by MVEF), added more trails around the campus and designated and begun preparing outdoor classroom spaces for every grade level/grade band.

We also were able to keep the modular buildings on the East side of campus for an additional year to accommodate social distance requirements, and we have moved our 3 geodomes to provide for active classroom spaces if/when we need to move indoors.