Pre Kindergarten

We Cultivate the Whole Child

Early Childhood Education

The Pre Kindergarten program at Tahoe Expedition Academy is widely regarded as one of the best Pre Kindergarten Preschools in Lake Tahoe. We offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience for three and four year old children. We integrate adventure-based learning within an academic environment, instilling both confidence and achievement for our students. We call it Constructive Adversity, and its what sets our school apart. The Pre Kindergarten student experience is founded upon a developmentally appropriate routine where students have the opportunity to interact with the natural world and cultivate deeper learning. Throughout the day we focus on numeracy, literacy, and social/emotional skills which will support ongoing academic success for a lifetime. Our full day program includes a scheduled rest/nap period.

Adventure in Learning

Learning Expeditions are semester-long, themed interdisciplinary studies that require research, critical thinking and collaboration to ensure students gain an “inch wide, mile deep” approach to learning. Our community of highly experienced, passionate, and dedicated Crew Leaders align learning expeditions with California Preschool Early Learning Foundation Standards to guide daily instruction in numeracy, literacy, and social/emotional skills. All about Fish is an example of a Pre-K Learning Expedition. This study begins with a day immersed in the beauty of the outdoors at Taylor Creek, where students witness Kokanee Salmon spawning. In the spring, the study comes full circle when students hatch and release Lahontan Cutthroat Trout into Lake Tahoe. Learning Expeditions such as this help students with all five areas of early childhood development: cognitive,literacy, social, emotional and physical.



Cognitive Development

Students learn about the life cycle of fish and fish anatomy, including key vocabulary.


Literacy Development

Students sing, dance and dress in costumes while sharing their imaginary stories about fish and other underwater creatures.


Social Development

Students prepare and share baked salmon, discuss nutrition and learn about foods we eat.


Emotional Development

Students discuss aspects of TEA’s character traits, specifically empathy and collaboration, through the book The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister.


Physical Development

Students work on fine motor skills using arts and crafts such as Japanese fish printing, where students paint the outside of a real fish and use it as a stamp to create a fish image.

What You Can Expect From our Pre Kindergarten Program

Adventure-based learning with an emphasis on science and outdoor discovery Kindergarten readiness with literacy, numeracy, and social development. An environment of trust where students are known well by their teachers and peers. A community that values life-long learning and hands-on education . Staff with decades of experience in early childhood development . 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

Meet Our Amazing Pre Kindergarten Teachers

Anne Chippendale

Stephanie Brodi

Anne Chippendale | Pre Kindergarten Director & Founding Teacher

Anne Chippendale has been a teacher and coach in the Lake Tahoe area for almost 30 years. Anne earned her Teaching Credential from University of Nevada, Reno while coaching the Squaw Valley Ski Team and facilitating swimming lessons at the Truckee Pool. Soon after, she began teaching at the State Preschool in Tahoe, where she developed a fun and creative multicultural program for her students and families. Prior to Tahoe Expedition, she spent four years at Creekside Cooperative Charter School.

Outside the school environment, Ms. Annie loves traveling and seeing the world beyond our immediate reach. She volunteered and cheered for our local athletes at the last two Olympics (Italy 2006, Vancouver 2010), has skied in Argentina and enjoys biking and hiking in our backyard, on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Ms. Annie, as she is affectionately called by all who love and appreciate her, wholeheartedly believes that education is much more than classroom academics. She encourages the opening of doors to explore our environment, other people and cultures. With a positive outlook on life, she believes a well-balanced person will thrive, and in turn, benefit those around them as well as the future of our world.

Before moving to the area, she spent her childhood in Palo Alto and earned a Degree in Human Development from U.C. Davis.

Stephanie Brodi | Pre Kindergarten Teacher

Originally from Upstate New York, Stephanie moved to Truckee in 2012. Before joining Tahoe Expedition, she taught grades K-2 at Custom Learning Academy and most recently Year One in Auckland, New Zealand. Stephanie has a B.A. in Childhood Education and has both New York and California teaching credentials.

Her mission is to create a learning environment that encourages students to take healthy risks so they are able to realize just how much they are capable of. Stephanie focuses on teaching the whole child in light of their individual and developmental needs so that they become life-long learners.

Outside of the classroom Stephanie can be found outdoors taking in all that the Tahoe area has to offer. Snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking are a few of her favorite activities. During the summer months, she coaches downhill mountain biking.