TEA Experience Feedback App by Likemoji

Download the app, provide anonymous feedback, and help us improve the student (and parent) experience at TEA!

Once installed use Access Code: 593124 to access the TEA Channel


We want to listen better, strengthen our CommuniTEA relationships, and improve the students (and parent) experience at TEA. But we need your help to do so!

The TEA channel on the Likemoji app allows us to collect feedback in real time that relates to specific parts of the TEA experience including our real-world adventures, academic programs, operations, co-curricular, overall communications, and much more. We want to know how you feel we are doing so we can do more of what’s good, and less of what’s not.

The information captured populates a dashboard that will be reviewed by school leadership each and every week, empowering our school to make informed decisions. The real-time analytics help identify issues while they’re happening and a private anonymous chat function enables us to respond to you directly.

Our Goal - 100% Parent Engagement

We would love for 100% of our parents to use this app. Being more informed helps us to make the right decisions in an effort to provide the best possible experience for our students and parents. We will send out updates every other week with summaries of the feedback we’ve received and the actions we are taking.


Download Here

And once installed use Access Code: 593124 to access the TEA Channel

To Use the App

  • Tap the icons or category that relates to your specific feedback
  • Rate / share your experience on a 1-5 star scale (5 is the best)
  • Add a comment to your rating if you’d like to share details
  • Leaving feedback with Likemoji is anonymous and private


If you plan on using the comment functionality, please enable push notifications. This will enable a notification to pop up on your phone when we reply to your comment.


Thank you for your support CommuniTEA!