We want to share what's working at TEA with students everywhere

With a successful seven-year track record at our school, we feel confident that our unique approach to education will benefit students all over the country. We have initiated The Space Bears Project to bring the “special sauce” of the TEA educational experience to students all over the country and the goal is to reach 30,000 students.

Why Space Bears? In fact, what’s a Space Bear?

When looking for a way to tell this story, we had a few requirements. Primarily, we wanted the brand to be playful since the topic is so serious. Secondly, we wanted a brand that would transcend across geographic and socioeconomic areas. This approach works for all kids in all environments, so traditional imagery would limit us. Because we are solving real problems that are changing all the time, we wanted to tell the story through animations, cartoons, books and moving content so we always believed a set of characters made sense to us.

Then we found the tardigrade, the most resilient animal on the planet! The tardigrade can live up to 100 years and go at least 30 years without food or water. Its’ nickname is the Space Bear, and we fell in love. The tardigrade inspired us and we ran with it.

Our primary goal is to help TEA become sustainable so that we can codify these practices, refine our art and share it with the world. At the same time we are excited to launch the Space Bears brand and hopefully entertain the world as we strive to improve education for a minimum of 30,000 students.