Our Mountain Bike TEAm Is off to a Great Season

In late August our mountain bike team competed in the first ever Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association, aka NICA, governs and organizes High School and Middle School mountain bike races in Nevada and the Tahoe Basin.

We have a mountain bike team, how awesome is that?! How many schools have that?!

We have an amazing program for Mountain Bikers of all levels and interests at TEA. Whether you want to compete or just bike around in our club, mountain bikers can pursue their passions here.

In late August our mountain bike team competed in the first ever Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) compedition. NICA, governs and organizes high school and middle school mountain bike races in Nevada and the Tahoe Basin. This event was based at North Tahoe High School and there was quite a turnout.

Over 300 racers took part. TEA’s own Zachary Wallpe and Nathan Barth, both 7th graders, raced hard and had a lot of fun.

Since school has started we have already competed in a couple of different races. On Saturday, September 10th, student-athletes on the Mountain Biking TEAm headed to Reno for their second NICA race of the season. This marks the first year of sanctioned NICA mountain biking in the region. Prior to NICA Tahoe bikers had to travel as far as Monterey and Santa Cruz to race! Now, TEA athletes and others can compete against their peers locally, in a well run and fun format.

Race day saw hot, dry conditions with temps in the low 90s. Noah White, Jeff Miller and Max Starr raced in the HS divisions, while Olivia Gibbons, Nathan Barth, James Olson and Beck Marshall competed in the MS division. The MS boys and girls divisions raced in the morning, completing the 5.5 mile course with poise and speed. High schoolers battled a long, winding course comprised of 4 laps, with each lap taking riders on 4.35 miles loop that had 400ft of elevation gain. Racers pressed on and competed well. Parents, racers and coaches alike are looking for to the next NICA race in Mammoth, CA on September, 25th.


JV HS Division
Noah White 8th
Jeffery Miller 11th

Frosh Race
Max Starr DNF

MS Girls Division
Olivia Gibbons 6th

MS Boys Division
James Olson 13
Nathan Barth 15
Beck Marshall 19

We have had a mountain bike team for 2 years now. Our Mountain Bike TEAm is for 7th grade to 12th grade students who wish to compete (10 students). Our club TEAm is for 6th grade students and younger, which goes on one ride a week (8 students). Our club has been around since our school’s inception. To join the club, click here.