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Application Process

Our application process ensures that our school is the right fit for your child. Click on the numbered steps below for an overview of our application process.

#1 Inquire
#1 Inquire
#2 Visit
#3 Apply

#1 Inquire

#2 Visit

#3 Apply

#1 Inquire | Complete an Inquiry Form

Complete an Inquiry Form to tell us a little about yourself. We will schedule an initial call right away to get the process started while answering any initial questions you may have about the school’s philosophy, students, teachers, programs, and logistics.

#2 Visit | Tour the Campus, Meet Staff & Students

Applicants for grades Pre-K through 12 are required to participate in a Shadow Visit as part of the admissions process. The Shadow Visit includes a full day of classes for rising Kindergarten through 5th-grades, a 1/2 day of classes for 6th through 12th-grades and one hour of class for Pre-K. These allow the child, family, and school to determine whether it is a good fit.

Pre-K applicants will be issued conditional acceptances within the school’s Early and Regular Action timelines if it is not possible to conduct a Shadow Day yet because of age and/or readiness. Students entering Pre-K will need to conduct a Shadow Visit when they are ready before being officially accepted by the school.

While prospective students are shadowing, parents will meet with our Director of Admissions, school leaders and teachers while seeing the program in action.

#3 Apply | Submit an Application

After the Shadow Day is complete, you will be given access to our admissions system. Within that system, you will complete an application. We do not charge an application fee. Once that application has been received, we will follow up with next steps.

Key Admissions Dates for 2020-21

  • 12/20/19
    • Early Action Applications Due
  • 1/17/20
    • Early Action Enrollment Agreements Sent
    • Existing Student Re-Enrollment Agreements Sent
  • 1/30/20
    • Early Action Enrollment and Re-Enrollment Agreements Due Back
  • 2/1/20
    • Regular Action Applications Due
  • 2/24/20
    • Regular Action Enrollment Agreements Sent
  • 3/6/20
    • Regular Action Enrollment Agreements Due Back
  • 3/7/20 – 8/1/20
    • Rolling Admissions: Though spots may be limited, we will offer ongoing admissions to a Rolling Admissions Applicant Pool. During our Rolling Admissions, we will process applications near the end of each month (March, April, May, June, July, August) and will offer acceptances based on available space.

FLEX Tuition Awards

Please Note: FLEX Tuition Awards after Early Action depends on the availability of funds and will be included with Enrollment Agreements if the FLEX Tuition Application is completed along with school application.