Disrupting Education (by Design)

Educator Symposium and Professional Development Workshop

SUMMER 2023 Registration Now Open

Registration now open! CLICK HERE to register or contact Taylor Simmers at tsimmers@tea-mail.org.

Help Young People Develop Their Strength of Character, Right Alongside Core Academics

We invite you to join us in the stunning surroundings of Tahoe this summer. The theme for this year’s speaker event and professional development is “Failure by Design.” Don’t miss this chance to be part of a community of educators dedicated to driving positive change in education.

Failure by Design - Professional Development Workshop for Summer 2023

There is often a gap between what we teach as educators and what students need to know to survive, thrive and adapt in the real world.

In this three day interactive and collaborative workshop, we learn from you what is working and what isn’t with your students. We hear from experts in the field. We investigate how experiential learning and proactive character development can help many students triumph through adversity. We create projects. And participants leave with new connections, curriculum, tools and techniques for their own students. For fun, we venture into the outdoors in Tahoe together to build our own community of educators.

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Collaborate. Train. Up-level.

Critical thinking is a cornerstone of our Tahoe-based high school program

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Share and get constructive feedback on your existing projects and programs
  • Design new project(s) and curriculum for your students that are connected to the real world
  • Learn how to plan and deliver Constructive Adversity through trust building, adventure and active instructional practices
  • Learn how to develop and implement competency based assessments to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students

Why Do We Focus on TEAchers and How Does it Fit In Your Classroom?

This work starts and ends with TEAchers and those working in youth programs. This is why we are starting this journey with you.

We want to create a space and place for pushing our thinking about what students actually do in Pk-12 grade schools and youth organizations across the country. We invite you to catalyze innovation in education with people looking to do the same.


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Daily Schedule of Workshop Offerings For Summer 2023: How Do We Turn Adversity Into Growth Workshop

Call to Action: What Can You Do to Create a More Engaging, Holistic and Equitable Approach to Learning?

Schedule a visit to TEA by your teachers to see Constructive Adversity in action or arrange a school visit to your site by our team members to work directly with you and your colleagues by contacting Taylor Simmers at tsimmers@tea-mail.org.

Attend the Disrupting Education (by design) Workshop Series, offered to educators from across the country (Summer 2023) in Truckee, CA

Join us for our presentations at the following educational conferences this year: Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and Independent School Experiential Education Network (ISEEN).