Middle School

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

And Learn How to Thrive in the Most Uncomfortable Situations

Our approach is centered around three design principles – academics, character, and adventure. Engaging academics and real-world adventures empower students to reach their full potential by cultivating intellectual growth, character, and confidence. We focus on fun and engaging problem solving challenges that extend the definition of a classroom out to the real world. It’s much, much more than occasional field trips.. Our Middle School students spend 30+ days actively engaging with experts on incredible projects and adventures that challenge them in unexpected ways. Throughout these real-world adventures, we intentionally create and engage with adverse situations to grow our student’s comfort zones. We call it Constructive Adversity, and it’s what sets our school apart from others.

Note that our Middle School Program spans 6th through 8th-Grades. Students in 6th-Grade at TEA are part of our “Bridge Program” that is specially designed to meet the needs of students entering Middle and High School programs. To learn more about our 6th-Grade Bridge Program, CLICK HERE.

Real-World Learning Drives Our Curriculum - "Be A Movement Maker" Example

Real-world learning is a core component of our academic program. Application of core content come alive for students, with kick-off and culminating experiences, compelling topics, guiding questions, learning targets (based on state and national standards), hands-on fieldwork, experts, local case studies, service learning and authentic products.

Our Middle School “Be a Movement Maker” Real-World Project is about moving society, and in many ways, it’s as much about young people emerging into the world and finding their voices as it is about challenging retrogressive social norms. During the study, students engage in authentic fieldwork in the Bay Area, conducting climate change research, honing their craft, and studying the complex work of professional scientists, poets, and social justice advocates. Their final product, a Youth TEDx presentation focused on issues of climate change, integrate all of their learnings and then present them before a community audience. In this work, students use their knowledge to deliver a powerful oratorical piece that is as informed by the spirit of movement makers as it is by the indisputable facts of science.

Through the “Be a Movement Maker” Real World Project, Luke was inspired after learning more about climate change. When he found out the cost of the greenhouse was $5,000 he felt there had to be a better way. “And that’s why I invented the Hexadome. The Hexadome cuts down on global emissions from long distance food transportation that litters about 31 percent of our total carbon footprint production.”

What Sets TEA Apart