Tahoe Expedition Academy

Strategic Planning

The goal of creating a web page on TEA’s website is to share our work with our community, provide updates and invite participation by a variety of stakeholder groups.

Executive Summary

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to provide everyone in the TEA community with clear goals and strategies that meet community needs on almost all aspects of the school’s realization of its long term vision. As we dive deeper into this project, we look forward to providing you with updates as this year’s plan progresses. And, more importantly, we invite you to participate in the process so we can ensure all voices are heard as we plan the next five years of TEA’s journey.

Your Participation

The Strategic Plan is only as good as the data we collect. With this idea in mind, we are inviting participation from a variety of stakeholder groups so we can ensure that we are meeting as many needs and hearing as many voices as possible. This year, we will gather data and feedback from surveys, individual meetings and group sessions from the following stakeholder groups: students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, Board of Trustees, donors (internal and external), alumni, potential new families, non-TEA students, non-TEA faculty and community members. The data collection will include your feedback regarding the following: program, extracurriculars, operations, leadership, finance, admissions, fund raising, DEIB, and campus development.

TEA Strategic Plan Survey 2022-23

As part of TEA’s ongoing efforts to improve our school, we invite you to participate in this important survey. It will help us set long term goals to ensure TEA’s continued development and success over the next five years. Your honest feedback is anonymous and most appreciated.

To complete the survey, CLICK HERE or on the image of the survey.


The primary outcomes for the SP are twofold: to audit how well we are meeting our mission and vision today and to provide the school with clear, concise and actionable strategies and goals to accomplish over the next five years to ensure we are striving toward the realization of our intended mission and vision. These strategies, goals and action items weave throughout the entire organization and involve all facets of the school. This SP will serve as the guiding light for our next five year chapter.

Timeframe and Team Members

TEA’s Strategic Plan is updated every five years. The last Strategic Plan was conducted in the summer of 2017, and we kicked off this year’s Strategic Plan in October 2022. 

  • October 2022: The Strategic Plan TEAm was compiled and includes students, alumni, Board of Trustee Members, school leadership and parents
  • November – December 2022: SP TEAm met to coordinate the plan ahead.
  • January – February 2023: Data Collection from Stakeholder Groups
  • March 2023: Compile Data and Create SP to vet and share with Board of Trustees and CommuniTEA for feedback and approval

Led by Bill Bryan and Nora Behrens of The Bryan Group, the Strategic Plan TEAm includes:

  • Kaya Marshall, TEA Student
  • Phillip Rogers, TEA Student
  • Etienne Carnot, TEA Alumni
  • Mike Madigan, TEA Parent and Board of Trustees Secretary
  • Stephanie Pereira, TEA Parent and Board of Trustees, Voting Member
  • David Maher, TEA Head of School
  • Amy Renn, TEA Parent
  • Traci Mason, TAP President, TEA Parent
  • Brenda Gants, TEAcher
  • Hunter Cosselman, TEAcher
  • James Sohn, TEA Parent
  • Taylor Simmers, TEA Co-Founder, Advancement Officer
  • Ally Chase, Assistant Admissions Director, TEA Parent

Strategic Plan Update #1 - 12/22/22

Kaya Marshall and Mike Madigan introduced the process at our recent State of the School Event. Kaya, an 11th grade student at TEA, presented like a professional speaker, calm, cool, collected and clear when she spoke about student involvement in the process. Mike discussed the importance of the work and invited all community stakeholders to participate in January, when the TEAm is set to gather feedback. It was a great kick off for the process – one that will be inclusive, transparent and beneficial for the future health and well-being of the school, its vision and students.