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Tahoe Expedition Academy proudly celebrated our first graduating class in the spring of 2017

That small group of pioneering students weathered many changes in curriculum, staffing, and philosophy during their 4 years with us, as TEA navigated our way to the High School program we enjoy today. Across the many versions of our High School, the most important things have always held steady: our commitment to trusting that young people can design and drive their own education, that they can learn to embrace and thrive in the chaos present in the real world, and that authentic and meaningful relationships among peers and with teachers can have a lasting positive impact. We have now welcomed 63 students into our alumni community and we are thrilled to report that they are thriving in a variety of settings – from top universities like Stanford and Georgetown to exciting careers in Environmental Engineering and Real Estate Law, to successful entrepreneurs and members of the US Ski team.

We invite you to check back frequently for all the latest news about upcoming events for alumni and alumni parents, to read the latest Alumni spotlights, and to see how our remarkable graduates are making a positive impact on the world.

Alumni Spotlights & News

TEA Alumni LinkedIn Group

We are excited to help our alumni connect with current and past members of our CommuniTEA, whether for an informational interview, reference, or career support.


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TEA Alumni Panels

Our TEA Alumni Panel is a beloved annual event where participants hear directly from our former students. Each year representatives from multiple graduating classes answer parent and student questions on a wide range of topics including how their experience/s at TEA have impacted their success in college and work. They talk about times when they were pushed outside of their comfort zones and what they learned about themselves from that experience, the impact of working directly with experts, the advantages and challenges of smaller class sizes, and what they think TEA students and parents should know about the “unexpected” benefits of a TEA education. To view previous Alumni Panels, see the links below:

2020 Alumni Panel

2021 Alumni Panel

2022 Alumni Panel

College and Career

Where are TEA students going to college? What support is available to TEA students and TEA Alumni as they navigate life after TEA?

Our HS College and Career counseling has been designed with all students in mind. Our goal is to assist all families and students in post high school planning. The majority of students will apply directly to four year institutions, but some students might choose to take a GAP year, go straight to work or start at community college. We are able to provide individualized attention to students through their time at TEA to prepare for life after high school, whatever their chosen path.

To learn more about our College and Career program, CLICK HERE.

To view our most recent College Profile, CLICK HERE.

Millennium Scholarship Recipients



TEA’s Millennium Scholarship Program was designed by our Student Council in 2019 after we received an initial gift of $25,000 from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. The scholarship program was founded on the premise that young people should have the opportunity to continue their education beyond High School, regardless of financial capacity, and that when supported they can make a significant and important difference in the world. In the spring of 2021, we received an additional $100,000 gift from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County in support of the program and we will now be able to continue offering scholarships to our graduating seniors for several more years.


Please join us in congratulating the following recipients:


Class of 2023: Aidan Robin, Celeste Robin and Elia Schreiber
Class of 2022: Bella Auerbach and Diego Martinez
Class of 2021: Johan Sotelo and Brennan Berg
Class of 2020: Gianna Putnam and Henrik Rogers


We are truly grateful for the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County’s generosity and beyond thrilled to be able to support the academic dreams of our students.

TEA Alumni Resources

Looking to connect with a former classmate? Need a copy of your transcript? Want to revisit some of your experiences at TEA? We have got you covered!