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Early Childhood Education

The Pre Kindergarten program at Tahoe Expedition Academy is widely regarded as one of the best Pre Kindergarten Preschools in Lake Tahoe. We offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience for 4 and 5-year old children. We integrate adventure-based learning within an academic environment, instilling both confidence and achievement for our students. We call it Constructive Adversity, and it’s what sets our school apart.

The Pre Kindergarten student experience is founded upon a developmentally appropriate routine where students have the opportunity to interact with the natural world and cultivate deeper learning. Throughout the day we focus on numeracy, literacy, and social/emotional skills which will support ongoing academic success for a lifetime. Our full day program includes a scheduled rest/nap period.

Adventures in Learning - The Challenge Hike

Our community of highly experienced, passionate, and dedicated Crew Leaders align awesome adventures with California Preschool Early Learning Foundation Standards to guide daily instruction in numeracy, literacy, and social/emotional skills. Our year-end adventure is the Challenge Hike. The adventure is an opportunity for the big kids (6th-graders) to aid in the passage and perseverance of the littler Pre-K kids. On this 6 mile journey, the Pre-K crew members carry their own packs and are teamed up with an older buddy. The older buddy has the responsibility to have the patience and courage to help their little buddy out for the entire 6 miles.

What You Can Expect From our Pre Kindergarten Program

Meet Our Amazing Pre Kindergarten Director: Stephanie Brodi

Originally from Upstate New York, Stephanie moved to Truckee in 2012. Before joining Tahoe Expedition, she taught grades K-2 at Custom Learning Academy and most recently Year One in Auckland, New Zealand. Stephanie has a B.A. in Childhood Education and has both New York and California teaching credentials. Her mission is to create a learning environment that encourages students to take healthy risks so they are able to realize just how much they are capable of. Stephanie focuses on teaching the whole child in light of their individual and developmental needs so that they become life-long learners. Outside of the classroom Stephanie can be found outdoors taking in all that the Tahoe area has to offer. Snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking are a few of her favorite activities. During the summer months, she coaches downhill mountain biking.

What inspired you to join TEA? Everything about TEA inspires me! From the knowledgeable staff right down to the kiddos. I am especially inspired by the love our students share for the outdoors.

Where did you go to school? SUNY Plattsburgh

What is something that not everyone knows about you, but probably should? I am going to be an interpretive dancer in my next life.