Sharing the Magic

TEA Woodside

Introducing TEA Homeschool in Woodside

Our vision from day one has been to help move the needle in education for all young people. By engaging young people in real world projects and resetting priorities in school to focus as much on the development of soft skills (EQ) and life skills (AQ) as content knowledge (IQ), we can change the way we educate generations of learners for a complex world of accelerated change.

After 12 years of building our prototype into a successful product with a proven track record, we are ready, equipped and excited to realize that initial vision and bring TEA’s experiential learning environment to more places and students.

Same TEA Program, Same Outcomes, Awesome New Location

Using TEA’s existing Individualized Adventure Program (IAP), an Independent Study Program that enables young people to learn from virtually anywhere in the world, TEA Homeschool in Woodside will serve 25-30 students in grades K-2 in August 2024. The education and curriculum for this K-2 pod will be delivered by teachers, administration and staff who are trained, supervised and supported by TEA’s Basecamp in Truckee.

As they move through elementary school, these students and families have access to TEA in Truckee and will collaborate with students, families and teachers from TEA throughout the year.

Constructive Adversity at TEA

Constructive Adversity is an experiential learning approach that uses adverse environments, as a supplement to learning cycles, to build character, promote ethical thinking, create lasting knowledge, and develop real-life skills. During the immersion of a planned Constructive Adversity cycle, a learner expands their Growth Zone. As a result, kids become more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

The world is full of curve balls. Our educational approach prepares them not only academically, but also for the dynamic world in which we live. They will feel confident to thrive in all kinds of situations.

In this video, our school’s Co-Founder Taylor Simmers breaks down the Constructive Adversity cycle.