TEA Woodside

Embracing Challenge As Opportunity

Our Mission: Empower a New Generation of Creative Problem Solvers With A Social Conscience

Powered by Constructive Adversity®, TEA’s forward thinking educational design combines academic excellence, character building, and real world adventures to develop confident and creative problem solvers who thrive in and contribute to dynamic and challenging environments.

Our Vision: We Believe in the Infinite Power of Young People

We believe students can make a difference in the world now and become the change-makers of today. We’re not interested in ‘preparing future leaders,’ but rather tapping their creativity, right now.

Our Values: Guiding us Forward, Together

We founded TEA on some important guiding principles and core values. In modern times like these, we must lean on them to guide us forward, together. These values and beliefs are core elements of our culture at TEA. They are embedded in our learner outcomes, guide school wide decisions, and embody the most important elements for which we stand. Now, more than ever, we stand committed to our values and to providing our students with the opportunity to look at current events through a critical lens. Our goal as educators is to teach students how to critically think, not what to think. We utilize experts and resources with diverse perspectives, data, and historical context to help students to develop their own critical thinking, evidence-based decision making, sense of self and ability to engage with one another and the world. We foster learning environments that allow us to expose students to multiple and diverse perspectives and encourage healthy, constructive discourse.

Annual "Real-World" Student Experiences By the Numbers

Our Learner Outcomes

Our Flagship Campus is in Truckee, CA