TEA After School Club

Blacksmithing Club

Participants will gain an appreciation for the skills, physical demands and challenges blacksmiths and metal workers face in the shop.

In this popular offering, participants will craft steel into works of art, usable tools and more. Important safety techniques, protective equipment and processes will be highlighted, reviewed and practiced before metal work begins. Next, guided by our expert, CBA certified lead instructor, Loren Trux, participants will heat steel to workable temperatures of 1000+ degrees F. Then, using anvils, hammers and metal specific tools, participants will bend, forge, punch and taper hot metal into works of art and tools. Participants will walk away with finished products like bottle openers, marshmallow skewers, decorative key hangers and more. Return smiths will create more elaborate metal works.


Who: Designed for students 6th – 12th grade.

When: Thursdays from 3:00pm – 4:45pm, beginning April 22. Six sessions total. See calendar here for specific dates.

Where: Tahoe Expedition Academy Base Camp, 9765 Schaffer Mill Rd., Truckee, CA 96161.

Instructor: Loren Trux, certified Blacksmith.


Limit: 10 participants per cohort.

What to Bring: Snack, water. Participants must wear long sleeve natural fiber pants and shirts. We will provide tools, aprons, ear, and eye protection.

Cost: $200

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Blacksmithing Photos