After School Club

Rock Climbing

Climbing on World Class Donner Summit, High Above Donner Lake!

Important Note – Offered in Fall ‘19, we’re hopeful to offer this adventure-filled, and challenging offering again in Fall ‘21. This Club is tentatively scheduled, as Route 40 road construction from Donner Lake to Donner Summit may impact the feasibility of offering this afterschool program. If Route 40 doesn’t reopen in Sept we can’t offer Rock Climbing Club, as drivetime and hiking time to and from climbing sites will be prohibitively long.

Instructed by SPI certified Rock Climbing guides, participants will enjoy learning the safety, approach and technical aspects of rock climbing identified below. On site, participants will challenge the granite slabs, crags and pitches of world class climbing destination Donner Summit!

Rock Climbing Club Details

Who: This offering is designed for beginner to advanced climbers/students in 3rd to 5th grade.

When – Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Dates are scheduled on the school calendar – linked here. 

  • September – 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 & 29
  • October – 11 & 13

Where: Most climbs will take place on world-famous Donner Summit high above Truckee, CA.

Equipment: Tahoe Expedition Academy provides climbing helmets, shoes, harnesses, ropes, carabiners and more. Please wear climbing appropriate clothing and dress for the weather. Bring a water bottle, snack, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses for each outing as well.

Types of Climbs: Participants will learn to scramble and boulder as well as climb. Participants will spend sessions climbing vertically on 5.0 to 5.10 rated ascents. Most climbs are top rope, meaning participants are protected by a rope anchored from above and belayed from the ground.

Beginner Participants: Will learn basic climbing and scramble techniques like:

Legs – Your legs are the strongest part of your body, use them more than your arms to climb with more ease and coordination

Hang – Extend your arms straight so your body weight hangs on your skeleton rather than your biceps and lat muscles. Conserving energy for the rest of the route is the best approach!

Trust Your Climbing Shoes – These rubber soles are incredibly grippy, sometimes it takes a while to realize just how useful this can be. Trust your foot placements by pressuring into the rock and standing up – use that grip!



Advanced Participants: Will refine climbing basics and learn more advanced techniques like:

Refine the Basics – Refine the above techniques on more difficult climbs.

Learn to Belay and Mange Rope – Assisted by AMGA guides, campers may learn to belay and manage safe rope lengths.

Knots – Everyone will learn to tie knots, especially how to check a knots – the figure eight with a loop is the knot used most.

Deeper Learning – Learn to double-check equipment, ropes, helmets, shoes and the like. Understand the difference between static and dynamic rope, when should one be used over the other? And more!

Build Character – Climbing requires more than just skills. Lessons like teamwork, the right attitude, pois and more will be learned and emphasised in real time. 

Capacity: Limited to 12 participants.

Cost: $550.00 – Note, your card on account will not be charged until we’re certain the club is on.

Register: Cancelled due to Rt 40 Construction on Donner Summit. Click here to view all available offerings.

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