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Track and Field

Track and Field participants will compete in a variety of events like; the 200m hurdles, 1200m run, 100m to 800m sprints, discus, shot-put, long jump, high jump and more!

Don’t know what some of those are? That’s okay. No experience is required, though committed, dedicated student-athletes are a must.

The Track and Field TEAm is a great way to socialize, compete, improve endurance and stay healthy this spring.

Competitions will happen in Tahoe Basin and in Carson City. This TEAm competes in the Tah-Neva League, which is the governing body for many local middle school sports.

Track and Field Details

Who: 5th-8th graders.

When: March  – May

Where: Practices will be held at Tahoe Expedition Academy Campus.

Equipment: Participants are required to wear running shoes and weather-appropriate athletic clothing for each practice and meet. Note, uniforms will be provided for TEAm meets.

TEAm Size: 30

Cost: $150

Register: Please click here to register. Also use this link to filter all of our offerings by type, age, date and more.

Track and Field Photos

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