TEA Athletics


We Fielded Our First Ever Girls Middle School Volleyball TEAm in Winter '19.

We are thrilled to have a volleyball TEAm and invite all student-athletes who are interested to join.

Who: For student-athletes from 5th to 8th grade. All experience levels and abilities are welcome.

When: January – February

Where: Practices @ Truckee Rec Center, or next best indoor training option

Competition Schedule: TBA, 6 to 8 scrimmages with Basin / nearby Tah-Neva League schools. Days depend on opponent school schedules, we will shoot for Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Equipment: Participants are required to bring tennis shoes and athletic clothing for each practice. Please come prepared to exercise, bring a snack and water bottle as well.

TEAm size: 16

Price: $225

Volleyball Team Photos

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