New Campus Vision

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, generous donors, and architects Pfau Long and Ward Young, we are thrilled to present the vision for Tahoe Expedition Academy’s (TEA) new campus. A team of architects led by Peter Pfau and Joe Schollmeyer, met with families, students, community members and school administrators to understand the DNA of TEA, our vision, and to collaborate on designing a new campus that honors our mission to rethink education.

This Master Plan, seeks to capture the unique aspects of TEA, while striving to be at the forefront of educational facility design. The plan is staggered over multiple phases that requires ongoing fundraising and enrollment growth. Please note this vision is aspirational. Individual building plans are not final, and may change based on budget, feedback from students, parents, donors or the community.

It is undeniably an exciting time for TEA as the school continues to grow and develop its programs. None of this work and campus development would be possible without the ongoing support of our community, volunteers, and Board of Trustees. So much of TEA’s success is dependent on the partnership that exists with our families and their continued investment in the experience we provide to our students. We hope you enjoy looking over these plans and vision for TEA’s future.