Real-world & authentic learning

Employment Opportunities at TEA

We believe young people can make a difference in the world today and become the change-makers of tomorrow. To make this happen, our intent is to push education forward by creating one of the most innovative learning environments in the world. ~ Taylor Simmers, Co-Founder

If you want something that’s safe and comfortable, TEA is not for you. On the other hand, if your ideal is to immerse yourself in a creative community where every day brings new opportunities to innovate and explore, come talk to us. Click here to view our current openings.

Our approach is holistic, so we’re looking for special people to be a part of our CommuniTEA. To inspire our students to get out of their comfort zones (intellectually, emotionally and physically), our teachers lead by example. Whether it’s inside the classroom, leading students through rugged backcountry or vibrant urban environments there’s no room for “autopilot” at TEA.

We value traditional fundamental knowledge and skills. We’re standards-based, but how our students get to those standards goes way beyond traditional delivery. Character education is central to everything we do, so we’re looking for people of strong character that are able to connect with students and collaborate effectively as a TEAcher TEAm. Real-world adventure powered by Constructive Adversity is perhaps the thing that most distinguishes TEA. Real-world, authentic learning that connects to real life builds intrinsic motivation, enduring understanding, and real-world skills that allow our students to be successful in whatever life throws their way. Struggling with Constructive Adversity grows students’ self-efficacy, confidence, and competence.

Teaching at TEA is not easy, but it can be tremendously rewarding. You’ll have the freedom to follow your passions, to explore new places, to wrestle with cutting-edge real-world problems alongside students.

We asked our students “Why TEA?” And we couldn’t be more proud of their answers.