Who Should Apply?

Our Answer: Everyone who wants to reach their potential should apply. In order to provide the best possible learning environment, we want to enroll students and families who are the right fit for our school.

While income from tuition is a necessity for our operations, we are committed to making our unique educational program accessible to those who value the experience they will gain from TEA.

Walking the Talk


In contrast to most independent schools, a large portion of our operating budget is dedicated to financial aid. In fact, 33% of our student body receives some type of financial aid through our FLEX tuition program.

This means that regardless of your financial situation, a TEA education is completely within reach. And that includes all adventures and trips, the cost of which is included in tuition. We cannot overstate what an important difference this makes.

What is FLEX Tuition?

In short, through our FLEX Tuition program, families pay what they can afford. On average, FLEX Tuition families receive a $13,500 discount, approximately 80% of our average tuition. The students of these FLEX Tuition families participate at the exact same level as any other student, including fully funded adventures and trips that are an inherent part of TEA’s curriculum.

To learn more about FLEX Tuition and to apply, click here. 

2018-19 Tuition Schedule

Pre-K Program

2-day: $7,200

3-day: $10,900

5-day: $14,900

Lower School

Kindergarten – 6th Grade: $17,900

Middle School

7th – 8th Grade: $18,900

High School

9th – 12th Grade: $24,900

Pay It Forward Program

How do we pay for FLEX Tuition?

Good things happen when you Pay it Forward. 7 years ago our school was founded on this principle. We believe world-class teachers and immersive educational experiences should be available to every child. And we walk that talk. A significant portion our operating budget has been and will continue to be dedicated to financial aid, allowing us to offer flexible tuition rates to over a third of our families each year.

Our CommuniTEA has supported us in this effort by not only providing the start up costs necessary to fund this venture by donating to our Annual Fund, but have also donated countless hours of sweat equity. The amount of financial support we’ve received is only equaled by the volume of blood, sweat and tears our tireless CommuniTEA has given.

Each year, our goal is to have 100% of our existing families participate in our Annual Fund. Whether that’s $5, or $10,000, every dollar counts. Annual Fund donations can be designated to classroom needs like music supplies, or to our Pay it Forward program, which covers the gap between our tuition schedule and the actual cost of education. In 2018/19 that gap will be approximately $5,000 per student.

The Difference in a TEA Education


Programs that build unshakable confidence for your kids


Real experiences integration into the academics.


The best teachers and staff


An amazing campus in the mountains

Where does your tuition money go?

Where does your money NOT go?

Maximum student investment means minimum administrative costs. Fortunately, a generous public entity, MVEF, has been established to provide the community, specifically TEA students with a world-class academy on 42 acres in Truckee, CA.

For full plans and how to donate (if you can), click here. | Interested? Inquire Now.