Ocean Rover Project: Initial Underwater ROV Build Out

+Impact students will spend ten days designing and building a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV), collaborating with industry professionals at NASA / JPL and SpaceX, and field testing their work in the waters off the Santa Cruz Islands.

In the News: +Impact Schools Featured in the Hechinger Report

“A private school in northern California uses technology to create bespoke paths for students and rugged trips – like camping in the winter snow — to teach independence…”

+Impact Study Deep Dive: The Impact of Manifest Destiny on Indigenous Cultures

The First Deep Dive of the Semester kicked off this week with a visit to the Donner Summit Petroglyphs site

First Day of School: Rock Climbing Donner Summit

This year we kicked off high school with some awesome rock climbing out at Donner Summit.

Field Study: The Impact of the American Dream in Yosemite

Students experience the lasting legacy of the American Dream, both positive and negative

Field Study: Human Impacts on Ecosystems in the Chesapeake Bay

Students travel to Washington DC and the Chesapeake Bay to study human impacts on environments, geography and culture over time

A Classroom in the Southwest: Exploring the Legacy of the American Dream at the Four Corners

To understand the impacts of the Legacy of the American Dream on ancient civilizations and Native American communities (both historical and contemporary), students traveled among what remains of some of the most ancient civilizations in the world, and definitively the USA.

Crossing Lake Tahoe by Kayak

To kick off their Learning Expedition on “Water and the Red Triangle,” the 9th grade Redwood Crew completes an eight mile kayak across Lake Tahoe