A Week in the Life of a TEA Pre-K Student

It's hard work being a Pre-K kiddo at TEA.

You’re always on the move meeting with real-world experts and going on amazing adventures. Granted there is an optional nap period each day, but somehow you manage to fit it all in. Here is a quick recap of a super busy, but super fun last week at our Pre-K Program.

Monday: The students hiked through the beautiful fall foliage of Martis Creek Valley and checked out Waddle Lake.

Tuesday: Harry the Magician mesmerized the children with his magic, puppet show, and balloon making. They also got to finish their amazing Ghost Castle – make sure to check it out!

Wednesday: A day of rest… ok not really. Students hiked around campus while decorating it with their handcrafted messages: You Are Unique, You Are Enough, Have a Great Day, and Let’s Be Friends.

Thursday: The Pre-K Crew visited the Truckee Library, where they listened to spooky stories and crafted creepy spiders.

Friday: SHOWTIME! The students watched an amazing performance by Emi Sunshine and the Rain at the Truckee High School Performing Art Center. Emi Sunshine is a  songwriter who self-produces all of her music (live and in the studio). She’s performed on The Today Show and at The Grand Ole Opry, and she’s only 14! The kids were bouncing in their seats with excitement to songs like “I’m Able” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. After the performance, the students were able to ask Emily about her unique career. She also talked about being kind, being yourself and not giving in to peer pressure. What an incredible way to end the week.

And while the students are interacting with real-world experts and exploring the natural world around us, they still find time for "traditional" school learning.

During this week in particular, math lessons revolved around our calendar (learning the months and days of the week) while they recorded the weather each day. They also counted falling leaves and sorted pumpkin seeds into groups of five. In literacy, students played a guessing game with “B” and “C” words while they practiced forming letters and adding more to their journals.

So what’s the next week look like? Well, more of the same! Students will explore our community while visiting the Donner History Museum. Then they will head to our local radio station to learn the importance of broadcasting local events to inform our community.

And after that, it’s a trip to meet our local postal workers at the Truckee Post Office as part of their community discovery.

At our Pre-K program, we integrate amazing adventures with a more traditional academic environment. We believe experiences like these cultivate deeper learning. But none of this would be possible without our amazing Pre-K teachers. If you think it’s hard work being Pre-K student…you should see the teachers schedules!

And we promise, somewhere in the day, we will fit in nap time.