Learning About Our Hearts, Bodies and Minds Alongside Our Pre-K Kiddos

We are thrilled to be starting off this school year with a Pre-K grade project that has a Student Well-Being focus.

Our youngest TEA crews are currently learning about their hearts, bodies and minds from different angles with larger overlapping concepts. Collectively we are all learning about self-love, self care, differing personalities, and how to identify and manage emotions.

As with all of our projects at TEA, this project is anchored by guiding questions. Here’s an overview of the questions our Pre-K kiddos are grappling with:


How can I be kind?
What are forms of verbal communication?
How do people communicate non verbally?
How can I feel safe, happy and confident?
What makes me unique?
How can I form and keep strong friendships?
How can I be resilient?
How can I honor myself now?
What are the many emotions that I and others experience?
What tools are in my self care tool kit?


Students are exploring these concepts through dynamic play, creative expression (eg. dance, art, drama, music), animals, and nature. They will also learn about the mind-body-heart connection through hands-on science and STEAM activities that teach about body systems, providing countless opportunities for fun. Finally, students will use their emerging writing skills to reflect and understand themselves and others.

What’s that look like in practice? Well here are a few excerpts some from Ms. Stephanie’s weekly communications back to our parents with photos to help tell the stories!