Students are academically prepared for anything, taught to meet adversity head-on, and challenged to make a positive impact on the world.

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Meet Some of Our Awesome Students

Watch Some Recent Videos

TEDx by TEA: Jack Loughan

TEA's very own, Jack Loughan asks, what is TEDX about? It is about science and technology… and that is why he chose to...

TEDx by TEA: Max Loughan

Our resident science expert Max Loughan poses a simple yet profound question in his TEDx talk, “What happens if we try and...

TEDx by TEA: Eric and Tom

For some people access to water is easy as looking at the back of their hand, for others its so scarce that they have to...

TEDx by TEA: Luke Janssen

Luke Janssen went to a local garden and was inspired after learning more in depth about climate change. But when he found...

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers

Lower School
Stephanie Blume PreK Director

Stephanie Blume joins the TEA crew from over 15 years of teaching experience in both public and private school settings....

stephanie 3rd
Lower School
Stephanie Gibbons 3rd Grade Crew Leader and Founding Teacher

Stephanie has been in the field of education for over twenty years. Her extensive experience in the classroom coupled with...

High School
Laird Blackwell High School Humanities Teacher

Laird received his PhD in Education and Psychology from Stanford University in 1974. After moving to Tahoe a few years...

lizzie profile
High School
Lizzie Aldrich High School Science Teacher

Originally from Georgia, Lizzie’s passion for environmental science has taken her on a journey that has allowed her to...