Tahoe Expedition Academy

2018 Commencement Ceremony

Our 2nd Graduating Class Has Entered the "Real World"

Here are a few highlights from the event

7:40 – Aleese Holiday’s speech & film “Wild Women of Winter”

23:00 – Nate Martz describes each graduate in relation to their favorite songs

28:35 – Logan LaPlante’s speech

34:44 – Jacob Villaman’s speech and dance performance

38:50 – Laird Blackwell’s speech “Call You Ishmael”

46:20 – Jeff Miller’s speech

50:40 – Jason McCay-Moran’s speech and musical performance

59:50 – Senior Class Appreciations

1:16:24 – Taylor Simmers’ speech (warning, grab a tissue or two)

1:32:42 – Senior Class distribute diplomas to one another

1:38:40 – Mara Jenkins recites her rendition of “Oh the Places You Will Go” starring the Class of 2018