Tahoe Expedition Academy

2020 Senior Passage Presentations

Welcome to the 2020 Senior Passage Presentations

12th graders at TEA design and conduct individual fieldwork and use those experiences as evidence towards their ability to survive and thrive in the real world. Students prepare presentations that explain who they are, identify how they have grown through success and/or failure, showcase their ability to thrive in the real world, that they have the strength of character to act as global citizens, and highlight their ability to critically think, solve problems creatively, and communicate persuasively. Passage presentations are about 20 minutes in length and are followed by a question and answer session where you, as attendees, can ask them questions.

This year, our 12th-graders have prepared their passage presentations as video files. Each can be viewed below. The Q&A session will be conducted live via Zoom. Anyone is welcome to participate in the Q&A session by joining the Zoom event at the times specified below.

To join the Zoom event, follow this link. Please note you may be required to install software to join the Zoom event.