Your Donations for the Refugees in Greece at Work

Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Your contributions allowed our students to have an even bigger +Impact on their mission to help the refugee population in Greece.

TEA’s senior class has just returned from their Senior Intensive Study in Greece where they served refugees from Middle Eastern and African countries. Your generous donations helped them supply much needed shoes and basic materials to refugees in need. Thank you! The students kicked off their trip volunteering in a day center supporting the Greek homeless population which included an abundance of struggling refugees. There the students took care of children so that their parents could use the centers’ other resources including job, legal, and medical services. They also managed the clothing distribution room where they sorted and supplied families with clothing to prepare for the winter. Your donations helped supply the day center with several pairs of new shoes, art supplies, and even some toys in addition to diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Next, the students had the opportunity to volunteer at an accommodation center that provided a safe home for unaccompanied and/or orphaned refugee boys ages 8-18. There the students truly got to know some of the refugees and even learned some of their heartbreaking stories. After participating in many activities with them including art exercises and soccer games, it became apparent how strong and compassionate the refugee boys were. Your donations helped buy all 22 of them brand new tennis shoes!

more stories from this awesome experience as the students complete them. In the meanwhile here are a few photos from their trip.

students in a courtyard in greeece
greek refugee children
sitting student holding a sleeping baby