Class of 2017 College Acceptances

Thank you to the Class of 2017. You are made our CommuniTEA proud!

Our first class of graduates from Tahoe Expedition Academy were true pioneers of education. The University of California schools agreed. The class of 2017 received acceptances from UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC San Diego. In addition, Boston University, Northeastern University, University of Washington, Chapman University, Case Western Reserve University, Emerson College, and Scripps College also accepted graduates from the class of 2017.


We couldn’t be more thrilled at the results for our senior class. 100% were accepted to 4-year colleges and universities with a scholarship total over $400,000. Not bad for our first graduating class! And not bad for our parents’ wallets either!

TEA students were admitted to a variety of majors and interest areas such as marine biology, filmmaking, engineering, science and liberal arts. The combined merit scholarship total (based on academic achievement and extracurricular involvement) is over $400,000 for TEA students.