Learning Collaboration Through Art at TEA

The first collaboration project that is underway is the creation of Mad Hatter Hats for our Upcoming Simply Mad About TEA Fundraiser

It is so nice to see an art room full of awesomeness!  We have been really busy in the art room, as students have been reflecting and choosing and “framing” artwork.  The art looks great and really shows what our students are proud of in their art.  We look forward to continuing learning with them as their skill grow and grow.

Most recently in the art room, we have been kicking off the ideas behind the second semester, which is all about Collaboration. We have been looking at examples of other artists who have collaborated on larger projects and begun brainstorming our own ways to do so. Accompanying our focus on collaboration is service.  Last year, TEA students K through 6th grade participated in grade specific service projects in art.  This proved to be a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone at TEA, because of the extra extra excitement the students showed while creating them.  We worked with The League to Save Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Truckee Humane Society,  and the NTBA to bring these projects to life.  The outcomes were lasting and meaningful, so we are doing it again. We will reach out to some of the same organizations that we worked with last year, but we are on the hunt for new opportunities as well! On our short list, there is a need for public spaces that will let us show student work, organizations or causes that could use some extra attention or marketing materials, or opportunities to get our kids in the public teaching others “preferably older folks” about the art skills they have learned at TEA.  If you have any great service ideas please share, we would love to get your input. Reach out to us via our contact page here. 

The first action collaboration project that is underway is the creation of Mad Hatter Hats for our upcoming  Simply Mad About TEA Fundraising event. The 5th and 6th-grade classes are building these hats as auction items and table centerpieces for the event. We have been talking about mad hatters and the aesthetics of steampunk in preparation for this build. All in all we hope to create around fifty Hats, some for the auction and some for the students because adults are not the only ones who need cool hats. Please keep an eye out for any steampunk-esk trinkets, bike inner tubes, or fancy silverware that we can use to decorate with, and any help is appreciated. We think we could use more cardboard as well. A big thank you to all the parents who have already dropped off items for this project. It is really appreciated and amazing how much we can do when the community comes together.

Lastly, the younger grades have been diving into and will continue to paint with more with acrylic paints. The colors are vibrant and non-toxic and entirely mesmerizing for young minds. We are very excited to give them this opportunity. However, along with the fun comes some worry of destroying their clothing. So we are reaching out to parents to see if anyone has a surplus of kids shirts or even old adult t-shirts they may have to keep clothes clean. We do have a bunch of aprons and some T’s but think the large shirts do a much better job protecting clothes. Feel free to come into the art room at our HQ to drop items off even if we are out and about. Our lower school art teacher, Joe, thanks you in advance.


art students making cardboard hats
unfinished cardboard hats
student holding an unfinished cardboard hat
student working on his cardboard hat