The Inaugural TEA Sliced Cooking Challenge

What do you get when you combine an impromptu home economics cooking lesson with a week-long film study to Hollywood? You get the Inaugural TEA Sliced Cooking Challenge.

With students at TEA spending so much time “in the field” we’re able to integrate classic life skills (in this instance food shopping and preparation) with traditional academic learning. During a recent Learning Intensive to Hollywood to learn about the art and science of filmmaking, a group of our high school students created and executed this cooking show parody. Two cooking teams were formed (Team Gamers and Team Kick A**) with the remaining students taking on the roles of hosts and producers. Each team was provided with a $25 budget and a ball of raw pasta dough. Teams had to do their own shopping, roll and cut their own pasta, cook their own dishes, and present them to our “panel” of judges. In the end, Team Gamers pulled a win out against all odds. But was the win legitimate? Check out the video and judge for yourself.