Checking in With TEA’s Co-Founder, Taylor Simmers as He (Literally?) Drives Our Outreach Efforts

We started TEA to move the needle in education by changing how we educate young people.

At TEA, as you know, we are intentionally using adversity to push students outside of their comfort zones (in supportive learning environments), where learning really happens. We are as committed as ever to helping our students thrive and grow as problem-solvers and compassionate human beings. I have seen this occurring countless times in and out of the classroom over our twelve years, and our work remains unfinished.

We also remain committed to taking advantage of this opportunity to share what we have learned over the past decade and collaborate with others who are also committed to disrupting education, right alongside our students. It’s truly an exciting time in our history as we attempt to have an impact beyond our campus and in the world around us.



Disrupting Education (by design) TEAcher Training

We started TEA’s Disrupting Education (by design) TEAcher Training Programs to collaborate with other teachers and schools looking to disrupt the educational status quo and share our adventure-based educational approach to a wider, more diverse audience. To do so, we are collaborating with schools, educators and organizations in our community and beyond, with a focus on helping people turn adversity into growth.



Why Are We Doing It? Youth Are Demanding It

Life requires more than just book smarts to thrive. This is why youth from across the world are calling for change in education in their United Nations Youth Declaration. By updating education for all students to develop IQ, EQ and AQ, they can learn how to thrive in the real world.

IQ = intellectual ability, academic and technical knowledge and skills

EQ = emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills like collaboration, gratitude and empathy

AQ = perseverance, adaptability, compassion for oneself and others

*We define AQ as one’s adventure quotient, which is a combination of perseverance, adaptability and compassion. Dr. Paul Stolz defines AQ as one’s ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Interested in connecting with Taylor?

I am so excited to launch these initiatives this year, with the help of our amazing TEAm. If you want to learn more about what I am doing and how you might be able to help. Please contact me @ or 775-220-7922.