Kindergartners Explore Forces in Motion

“I can explore the forces in motion: push, pull, gravity, and magnetism.”

Last week we had an amazing Peak Experience with our Adventure leader Jack, our parent volunteers (Tori, Ali, Erica and Sas), and the crew! We headed to the beach to participate in some fantastic games and then bused over to Trippy Rock to rock climb. Throughout the day the crew had to really focus on collaboration and perseverance! We overcame fears, had so much fun, and built our connection as crew. See a list of our activities below.

  • Rodeo: one player pulls another player off a chair with a rope
  • Simon says: players follow the leader in body movements that explore forces of motion
  • Pulling water jugs with different amounts of water from a tree.
  • Water Balloon Drop: students experiment with gravity by dropping balloon from different heights.
  • Rock climbing: felt the forces in our bodies as we pushed with our legs and pulled with our arms to defy gravity.
student and teacher holding water balloons
teacher holding a student above the ground
students in lines facing each other
students with their teacher in the sand