An Unforgettable 2017 Biathlon Season for Tahoe Expedition Academy

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Record snowfalls, snow days and incredible downhill ski conditions highlighted a memorable 2017 Winter. For our Biathlon TEAm members, epic storms and snow totals equaled a season of postponed practices, events and more!

2017 marked our Biathlon TEAm’s fifth year. Over 30% of TEA’s 5th to 8th graders participated this winter! Those unfamiliar with the sport, biathlon is a combination of target shooting with .22 cal rifles and nordic skate skiing. It is regarded as THE most challenging winter endurance sport and originated from 18th-century Norwegian military practices.

Despite these challenges, the Devo and Comp TEAms skate-skied, trained and raced at every opportunity. Trainings took place at Tahoe XC, which had 65 kilometers of trails open all winter. .22 cal rifle and range training took place at Auburn Ski Club with former Olympian and father of Western US Biathlon, Glenn Jobe.

Range practices were supplemented with ski training with former NCAA Champion and 2017 Great Ski Race winner, Lenka Sterling. Lenka, from the Czech Republic, is an incredible coach and skier, student-athletes had a blast learning the finer points of skiing from the best.

Biathlon TEAm members, 15 in all, competed in biathlon races on the weekends and middle school nordic races on select Fridays. The list of accomplishments is long, biathlon is an incredible sport of ski, endurance, and pressure, racing is a major accomplishment.

A special shout out to Tom Schmenk and Kendal Kelly who also raced and complete the 30k Great Ski Race in March in blizzard conditions, incredible!

Congratulations to the athletes, listed below, who committed to balancing school and sport all winter long!

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Last but not least, thank you Lorenzo Worster and David Schmenk for their tireless coaching efforts and the parents who supported the entire TEAm.


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