Tahoe Expedition Academy

Real World Experts

Tahoe Expedition Academy’s unique program is founded on the belief that our students will be inspired by and subsequently learn more when engaged directly with experts from a variety of fields and perspectives.

We are thrilled that every year so many wonderful professionals agree to meet with and engage with our students. Their learning is significantly improved by the in-depth conversations and experiences they share with these generous individuals and organizations.

2022-2023 Experts

1882 Foundation
Access Living, Donner Land Trust
ACE Hardware
Alan and Noah UNR Seismic Lab
Alex Peraria, CHP
Alyssa Hoffman of Tiny Pine Foundation
Amy Renn, Evan Specter, Heidi Bourne, Ashley Eisenmenger, Patrick Giambalvo
Ben Castro – Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality (Executive Director of Our Place)
Brainy Actz
Brooke O’Bryan (Executive Director SSCG)
Carson City Pollinator Garden
Carson Valley Historical Society
City of Chicago
David Antonucci
Donner Memorial State Park Ranger
Dr. Fox PHD in neuroscience
Earstin Whitten (Founder Soulful Seeds Community Garden)
Farmer Joe and the Community Garden
Felicity Muth
Foothill Bee Farms
Georgia Smith (Textiles – quilting expert)
Ginger Fenwick
Healing One
Help Save the Bees Foundation
Hillary Scheive (Mayor Of Reno)
Illinois Institute of Tech
Jack Taylor (Owner/Operator Cattail Studios)
Jaclyn Fox (Professor of Neuropsychology UC Davis CA)
Jeff Morris (Berlin ISP)
John Drum, Tahoe Search and Rescue
Judi Morales (Sewing – Upcycling / Textiles Sustainability)
Karuk tribal leaders
Keith Hansen
Lily Baren (American Civil Liberties Union)
Lynn C. Woolsey ; Office. California House of Representative
Madison Stringer (Ranger – Point Reyes National Seashore)
Mayor Hillary Schevie (Reno Mayor)

Michael Bedeau
Mike Liebhold (Computer Science Expert)
Miller Honey Farms
Mountain Bounty
Nevada Historical Society
One Tree Planted
Palisades marketing
Park Ranger at Angel Island
Park Ranger at Bodie State Historic Park
Phil Sexton
Placer County Food Bank
Placer County Resource District
Point Blue Bolinas
Randy Oliver
Ray Hopper
Red Cross
Sierra club
Sierra Community House
SLOW Food Tahoe
Soulful Seeds
Spirit Rock
Steve Peterson
Steve Rubin
Sugar Pine Point Ranger
Tahoe Food Hub
Tahoe Forest Hospital
Tahoe Search and Rescue
Tailor Pollack (local professional artist)
The Helix School,
Tiny Pine Foundation
Truckee Farmer’s Market association
Truckee Historical Society
Truckee Railroad Society
Truckee Roundhouse, Harvey Farms,
Truckee Town Council
University of Nevada, Reno
UNR Seismology Lab
Virginia city Historical Society
Xerces Society

2020-2021 Math and Science Experts

Discussion on Women in Mathematics with Dr. Susan Gerofsky, Dr. Moira Chas, Dr. Nancy Scherich and Dr. Shelly Jones
Aerospace engineering with Arjun Vijayanarayanan
Video game production with John Hopson
Pharmacy calculation with Keyerra Buckley
Data science with Emily Dale
Hotshot Wildland Firefighting with Charlie Kenslea
Nutrition and Food with Megan Wroe
Nutrition and the Developing Brain with Sa’Wayla Ugwuegbu
Learning and the Brain with Brenda Arellano
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Zoological Medicine Intern with Dr. Tess Rooney
Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness with Caroline Ginolfi
Sports Psychology with Lisa Widmark
Sports Science and Mental Skills Coaching with Tampa Bay Rays James Schwabach
Managing teenage stress and anxiety with Mardrey W. Kiles
Climate change and wildfires with Mark Trexler
Covid 19 response with Joleen White of the Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute
Climate change with Wendy Calderon
Forestry with David Jenkins of the South Carolina Forestry Commission
Wildlife biology with Melinda Mohamed

2020-2021 Social Studies Experts

Causes of Modern Day Terrorism with Tonya D. Coultas
Chicano Movement with Sandra Enriquez
Environmental Issues and Governmental Regulations with Nova Clarke
James Madison: Father of the Constitution with Mark Russo
Principles of Democracy with Justin Lockett
Storytelling with Christina Harbridge
Immigration History with Cesilie Cordovilla
World War I with Elizabeth Sadusky
Local and State Laws with Robert Stokka
World War II with Elizabeth Sadusky
Comparing World Governments with Bryan Stewart
Civic Engagement, Free Speech, Taxes, and Political Parties with Robert Stokka
Interest Groups with Craig Campbell
Constitutional Law with Jody Prescott
America’s Diplomats with Sarah Van Horne
U.S. Foreign Relations with Russia with Elizabeth Sadusky
Increasing racial equity with Shenequa Pierre
Gender Bias and Inequality with Dr. Akihiko Morita
Immigration with Kimberley Bennet, a Corporate Immigration attorney
Immigration with Kayra Johnson, P.E., BCEE from FC&E Engineering LLC and Panamanian Immigrant
Economics with Dr. Christopher Thornberg

2020-2021 English Language Arts Experts

American Literature with Linda Baeza
Literature and Publishing with David Emblidge
Research and STEM Writing with Chandra Lewis
Story Editing and Publishing with Tina Winograd
Storytelling with Kevin Lindon Ryan
Writing and Science with Pamela Hines
Writing in a University Setting with Laila Gamaleldin
College Writing with Violet Phillips
Screenwriting with Tom Rogers
College Literature with Carrie Hollister
Resume and Cover Letters with Kimberly Bennett

2020-2021 Intensive & Elective Experts

Sara Monson from Sierra Nevada Alliance
Karyn Stanley from the Truckee Roundhouse
Erin Ellis from the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe
Kami Boyer from Sierra Senior Services
Laura Jernegan from the Peace Corps
Tyrone Smith from First and Goal, Inc.
Hannah Crum fro Kombucha Kamp
Susie Stuphin from Tahoe Food Hub
Caroline Ginolfi of Plant-based Blonde
Trish Geary from Slow Food Lake Tahoe
Megan Wroe of St. Jude Wellness
Publishing with Mike Rogge, the Owner/Editor of the Mountain Gazette
Art direction and design with Mike Daniels
Photography with Rick Chapman

2019-2020 Math and Science Experts

Emily Kress and Brian Flynn – coding
Josh Bennett with Slant Skis
Mark Bunge with the Sierra Avalanche Center
Bryan Allegretto with Open Snow
Mikhail Korotkin with the Desert Research Institute
Elizabeth Koebele with UNR
Mary Crawley with the Nevada Division of Water Resources
Martin with the Nature Conservancy
Will Raymond with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority
Amye & Dave Osti with 34 North
Brad Robinson with Squaw
Heather Segale with UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center
Michelle Witte with Tahoe Institute for Natural Science
Chris Benedict with Washoe County
Billie Jean Guerrero with the Pyramid Lake Museum
Mervin Wright: the Environmental Manager with the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Dan Mosley with the Pyramid Lake Fisheries
Victoria Ortiz from the Truckee Regional Planning Agency
Bruce Bruce Barr from the Truckee Regional Planning Agency
Eric Saathoff with Bushwhackers Tree Service
Kevin McKechnie from Truckee Fire
Rich Steffke with the US Forest Service
Hugh Denmo with the Sugar Pine Foundation
TreeTop Adventures
Jim and Cathy Walsh with the North Tahoe Marina
Tailor Knight from Tailormade
Hamma Hamma Oyster Farm
White Mountain Research Center
Jon Mittelstadt with the National Weather Service
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Kyle Stetler with California Fire Lookouts
Will Perez with The Greenhouse Project
Dr. Sarah Richman – UNR Professor studying local bee declines in region
Northern Nevada Bee Keepers Association
Ginger Fenwick with Bees4Vets
Shawn Kriletich with Paloma Pollinators
Tahoe Environmental Research Center
Missy Moler with Sierra Watershed Education Partners
Marc Blume with Patagonia Distribution Center
Tinian Vandergriff with River School Farm
Rick McDuffie, Alpine Ski Patrol
Maria Hart, Squaw Valley Groomer

2019-2020 Social Studies Experts

Patrick Lacey with Homewood Mountain Resort
Candace Croussel – Eastern Regional Landfill
New Moon
WinCo Foods
Reno Bike Project
Roy Tuscany- High Five’s
Jim Harris – High Five’s Athlete
Mary Crawley with the Nevada Division of Water Resources
Billie Jean Guerrero with the Pyramid Lake Museum\
Tailor Knight from Tailormade
Ginger Fenwick with Bees4Vets
Marc Blume with Patagonia Distribution Center

2019-2020 Intensive & Elective Experts

Susie Sutphin, Tahoe Food Hub
Trish Geary, Slow Food Lake Tahoe
Katie Townsend-Merino, Slow Food Lake Tahoe and Food Bank Garden
Melanie Simon, Urban Roots & Tower Garden
Conor Ball, Martis Camp Executive Chef
Ben Fish – President TAMBA
Ian Ruhter – Fine Art Photographer
Ezra Romero – NPR
Corey Rich – Novus Select Photography
Lindsey Hagen – Stept Productions
Mike Rogge – Verb Cabin
High Fives Foundation
Ryan Hudson – Professional Snowboarder
Utah Olympic Park
Merina Gardner- Achieve Tahoe
Geoff Peppel- NYC Inclusion Center-
Nick Bartlett- TTUSD
Alison Isben- UNR Disability Services
Shane C Carter- Inclusive Expeditions