Senior Highlight: Cooper Broll

Cooper will be attending Lewis and Clark in Portland, Oregon



What advice do you have for current TEA students?

TEA is a wonderful place to learn each subject in depth. The way the system works allows you to master every subject before moving on to the next one. So the advice I would give is to use the resources TEA gives to you.


What will you miss most about TEA?

I will miss the community. I will miss the teachers who I have created relationships with and learned from for so many years. I will miss my friends and classmates. I will miss the atmosphere. I will miss this stage of my life, my childhood, and the comfort of being home.I will not miss the TEA puns like communiTEA or TEAchers.


Cooper’s Senior Intensive Summary

Growing up, Cooper always had a passion for motorsports. He loved watching races and dreamed of one day becoming a professional driver himself. But as he got older, he began to realize that motorsports weren’t great for the environment. The noise, the emissions, and the waste all took a toll on the planet.

Cooper knew that something needed to be done. He decided to focus his Senior Intensive on the issue of sustainability in motorsports. He wanted to bring awareness to the issue and learn more about the efforts currently going into solving it.

As he began his research, Cooper was amazed at the amount of work that was already being done to make motorsports more sustainable. He read about new technologies and innovations that were being developed to reduce emissions and waste. He also learned about individual drivers who were taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and make a difference.

Despite the progress that had been made, Cooper knew that there was still much more to be done. He wanted to find a way to raise awareness and encourage more people to make a change. Cooper decided on an informative website with his research and ideas, which he could advertise at local tracks.

As he worked on his Senior Intensive, Cooper found that he enjoyed the freedom and responsibility of working on his own. He was able to create his own plans and schedule, and he felt a sense of pride in the work he was doing.

Although he knew that he wouldn’t be able to solve the problem of sustainability in motorsports on his own, Cooper was hopeful that he could make a difference. By raising awareness and encouraging individual action, he believed that he could help to create a more sustainable future for motorsports and the planet as a whole.


From Cooper’s Family

“To say we are proud of you just doesn’t do justice to the enormous joy we feel when we think about all you’ve accomplished, and the amazing person that you are. You started high school with a debilitating illness and an IV in your arm. You are finishing high school as a professional racecar driver, happier and more successful than we have ever known you to be. You did that – you created the awesome life you have now, and we know that this is just the beginning of the incredible things you will do. Through the hard times and the good times, you have always been a shining light, someone who makes others feel seen and cared about; someone who works incredibly hard; someone filled with so much positivity and kindness. Whichever college you choose will be lucky to have you and your infectious laughter, your endless creativity and your amazing brain. We love you so so much and cannot wait to see what you do next!

Nenny, Dad and Peyton”