Think. Experience. Act.

Summer Program Overview and Course Catalog

Our Summer of 2019 Program Is Closed. Check back for Summer of 2020 Program Options in the Fall of 2019

Program Overview

Designed and delivered by Tahoe Expedition Academy’s leadership and faculty, TEA High School Summer Program brings the school’s innovative experiential approach into the summer months and opens up access to any local high school student looking to experience a more hands-on learning environment and get high school credit.

To do this, TEA is offering fully accredited high school courses that connect traditional academic content and skills to the world beyond the classroom.

Powered by Constructive Adversity, these 6-week summer programs integrate academics, character, and adventure and push students to the limits of their intellectual, social-emotional and physical boundaries, where the learning really happens. At the end of the program, students create a final product that demonstrates their understanding and potential solutions to a real-world problem.


  • Offer transformative experiential learning opportunities for high school students that engage with solving real-world problems
  • Include travel to local, regional, national and/or international destinations so students can develop a worldview and global understanding of important and relevant issues
  • Issue one full Lab Science credit from a WASC accredited school that is UC a-g approved