2019 Senior Passage Presentations

Through their Passage Presentations, our 12th-graders are challenged to prove to themselves and the CommuniTEA that they are ready for life after TEA.

12th graders design and conduct individual fieldwork and use those experiences as evidence towards their ability to survive and thrive in the real world. Students prepare presentations that explain who they are, identify how they have grown through success and/or failure, showcase their ability to thrive in the real world, that they have the strength of character to act as global citizens, and highlight their ability to critically think, solve problems creatively, and communicate persuasively. Passage presentations are about 20 minutes in length and are followed by a question and answer session where attendees can ask them questions.

Below are passage presentations from Ava Morgan, Charley Barrett, and Cody LaPlante. Our 4th-graduating senior requested that their presentation not be shared publicly.

Ava Morgan Senior Passage Presentation

For her Senior Project, Ava Morgan chose to dive deep into the world of anxiety, and how individuals can learn to embrace it through developing perseverance. In her Passage Presentation, Ava shares her personal experiences as a new student at TEA, and the growth she experienced through something we call Constructive Adversity.

Cody LaPlante Senior Passage Presentation

In the Summer of 2018, while training with the US Freeskiing Team in New Zealand, Cody LaPlante suffered from a knee injury that prevented him from competing in Freeskiing events for the remainder of the year. Cody is an accomplished athlete (see this story about Cody in Freeskier Magazine) and found himself in a position to apply the time he would have spent training and competing to his year at TEA. In the end, Cody was able to graduate a year early and figured out that he’s actually into data analytics. Cody is looking to launch an app that can help individuals his age understand how good healthy eating choices produce good results in not only athletics, but also for life in general.

Charlie Barrett Senior Passage Presentation

Charlie’s Senior Project, he knew that he wanted to do something about the environment. He knew there was some sort of necessity for change, and struggled to find something he could actually make an impact with. Charlie tells the story about an experience he had while on a trip to Iceland to study geothermal energy and the “ah-ha” moment he had. Charlie knew that the Town of Truckee had aggressive renewal energy goals, but had no concrete plans to accomplish them. He utilized this experience in Iceland to inform his Senior Project – creating a geothermal energy plan for Truckee.