Adventured Filled Kindergarten Trip to the Frog Bog

The Kindergarten x-country skiing trip to the Frog Bog was quite the adventure!

It was also quite an opportunity for perseverance!! The kids learned how difficult x-country skiing on icy bumpy trails can be. Lots of falls, tears, frustration, as well as smiling, laughing, success and fun.

Their journey started with a one-mile x-country ski on hard bumpy icy trails while carrying their lunches in backpacks. Nearly every kid had to work past frustrating feelings and persevere when they kept on falling and falling and falling.

As a teacher or parent chaperone, it is difficult to not just help them up every time they fall or to carry their backpacks and extra gear for them, but that would go against the point of this learning experience! As always, it is impressive to see them all persevere. When a student fell the parents, teachers and the students would ask if them if they were okay, not hurt, just frustrated with falling, and then give them supporting words of encouragement to get up and keep going. And they all did great – we are super proud!

students and their teacher on their skiis
kids climbing up a snowy hill
students and their teacher on their skiis
a student helps her classmate put on skis

Then once at the Frog Bog location, the kids were rewarded with sledding down the hill in their ski clothes, climbing trees, exploring the Frog Bog area, making observations about the iced over snowy pond with no frogs to be found, and eating lunch with friends.

The x-country ski back was much much easier (and warmer) as the snow had softened up, and all the kids had a much better time with this final leg of the trip (zero tears on this leg of the trip). The kids got brave on this leg, skiing down little steep hills and laughing when they’d fall. Many of the kids who did not like the first x-country leg wanted to keep skiing and were sad the trip was over.

a boy quickly skiing through the snow
girl with a blue sweater smiling for the camera
students in the snow gathered around a tree
students on their skiis following close behind their teacher
students holing their skis and petting dog
students with their seatbelts on in a car

They ALL succeeded, they problem solved, they persevered through struggles, they had compassion for and were supportive to each other, and ended the day building more confidence and character from overcoming adverse environments and obstacles.

a girl sliding down a snowy hill