Free Resources to Enhance Your College Search: Campus Reel

Katy Watts is our College Counselor at TEA, and wanted to share some of her favorite resources for college planning

Over the last few weeks, I have been busy in web calls with various vendors offering free resources for our students to help enhance their college search. The first one I wanted to introduce to you is Campus Reel.

Campus Reel is a really awesome way to see unique college videos of campuses across the US. Currently, there are thousands of student-produced videos of specific places and events on hundreds of college campuses. This is not your average “virtual” tour. You have REAL students walking you around a specific campus and giving you their own tour (don’t worry, these videos are all screened by the company for appropriate content).

Currently, the best way to see a campus is to actually visit, which I know can be hard to do. If you do make the campus visit, you have a 30-minute admission presentation and then a 60 minute canned walking tour by a current student who has a script to work from. Don’t get me wrong, an official campus visit can really show you what your future home might look and feel like. But if you can’t get to campus, or want to see what schools are like on the East Coast (or anywhere else!) Campus Reel brings the unscripted, real talk to the student right in their very own home.

It’s free to create an account and the guys at Campus Reel have assured me student data is not being sold. It was super easy for me to create an account. Enjoy!