What It’s Like to Be a Biathlete

Six Questions With Jack Loughan, Biathlon Team Captain, on what it's like to compete in Biathlon at TEA

As part of our Yearbook class, we are exploring different ways to share content like creating blog posts, posting photos, making films, and compiling them together to create multi-media content. To put this learning to use, our class interviewed Jack Loughan, captain of the biathlon team and Student Council President, to gain an insight into being a biathlete at TEA. For this project, we created the questions, conducted the interview, transcribed his answers, curated photos, and put it all together for this blog post in just one class.


How do you manage biathlon and school?

I manage biathlon and school through a major amount of communication between my teachers and me.  They do a really great job of keeping the communication going and helping me get through my studies.


What is your favorite part about competing in races?

My favorite part about competing in races is definitely getting on the podium and placing in the top three.




What part of your body to you use most when doing biathlon?

While doing biathlon you use your cardiovascular system, so basically your entire body. But the two main parts you use in my opinion are your core and legs.


What made you interested in the sport?

I have been doing biathlon for 6 years and the reason I got into it was that it is an Olympic sport and it had shooting and skiing in it and I thought that was a pretty good combination of a sport.


How do you slow your heart rate down so fast?

To slow your heart rate down really fast while doing biathlon you have to control your breathing really well. It’s a pretty good skill to have while doing it.


Do you see yourself doing biathlon in the future?

Hopefully, I am doing biathlon in the future. I have been doing it for so long and I do not intend to quit now.



biathlete students on skis at the starting line
a biathlete student racing down the snowy track
biathlete students walking up a snowy trail
two biathletes posing for a picture
a biathlete student smiling for the camera
biathlete students at the shooting range
students skiing down a slope
biathlon racers skiing down the slope