Nevada Residents Who Attend TEA Can Receive California In State Tuition

Under California Law AB 540, residents of Nevada Can Receive California In-State Tuition

Yes, you read that right. Under California State Law AB 540, certain non-resident students who have attended high school in California and receive a high school diploma can be exempt from payment of non-resident tuition at any public university. This includes all University of California schools and all California State colleges. View the applicable University of California admissions page here, which includes contact at each university should you like to inquire directly.

We can confirm that this exemption is available to graduates from our high school program with several graduates who resided in Nevada are receiving California in-state tuition!

The affidavit is found here. The affidavit and supporting documentation of high school attendance and graduation should be submitted after the admission offer is made to the student and before the student pays tuition and fees.

If any families in Incline Village, Reno, or any other out of state towns are interested in discussing this more, please contact us here. We will connect you with our College Admissions counselor if you would like to ask additional questions. Similarly, if you’re interested in learning more about our school, please come and take a tour.