TEA High School Student Honored for Poem in Asto-Poetry Contest

Congratulations to TEA 9th-Grader Maya West!

On April 23, 2022, Maya West, our very own 9th grader was honored in Reno at the Terry Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. Maya took 2nd place in her division in this year’s astropoetry contest sponsored by Tahoe Star Tours. Maya’s eloquent and beautiful poem beat out hundreds of other entries, and she won a pair of binoculars to boot! Excellent job, Maya! Keep up the great writing and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you ahead!

Maya's Poem: Love is Written in the Stars

Today I watch the sun set,
the sky painted another pink.

Tomorrow I will look up,
and see it shaded another hue.

How closely it resembles a lover’s blush,
as if someone took a paintbrush to the darkness
and covered it with coral, baby pink, and rosewood.

The sky is our canvas,
and the stars are our story.

Love is written in constellations,
just as Perseus and Andromeda
and Altair and Vega.

Space can feel so alone,
but with the fondness and warmth scripted
endlessly in the stars; this vast expanse has never felt so full.