Matilda The Musical Re-cap: Video Recording, Photo Galleries and Appreciations

WOW! Where to begin?

Our hearts and buckets are full with appreciation for the cast and crew behind the performance of “Matilda The Musical,” a captivating masterpiece that revels in the anarchy of childhood, the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of a better life.

Directed by TEA parent and CEO & founder of Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Nina Meehan, and starring the TEA Drama Club Students (Cast list below), we’d like to congratulate and appreciate everyone who was involved. The road to the performances was most definitely a bumpy one, as was best described by Nina Meehan as she opened the first show on Wednesday night:

“This show is a miracle. If I had told a cast of adults that we were going to have to cancel more rehearsals than we actually had, and some of the rehearsals were going to happen outside in the snow, and in some rehearsals only half the cast will be able to come, those adults would walk out of the room and say that I was nuts. But you know what these kids do? They show up. And they work. And they show up again. And they work. And they have so much fun. And they are so inspiring. And I hope you enjoy their amazing production.”

Incredibly well said Nina! Thank you Nina, Katie, Beth, Alex, Norah, Toby, Veronica and the parents of our cast!

Please enjoy the recording of Wednesday night’s performance below in addition to some images Ally Chase captured on Thursday.

PS: Nina’s father, David Auslander does theater photography and was on-hand to capture some images from the performance on Thursday as well. CLICK HERE to access his SmugMug gallery.

Recording of the opening night performance

Photo Gallery