Wa-She-Shu Da-ow-ga Historical Tour

The word “Tahoe” itself is a mispronunciation of the washoe word Da-ow-ga, meaning edge of the lake. So why do we continue to call it Tahoe?

Presented on behalf of the Journalism Program at Tahoe Expedition Academy

As journalists, we wanted to do something that would boost the voices of the people who lived in what we now call Tahoe long before us. In this video project, we visited different sites around Tahoe that are now seen as touristy. We started with what we know about the landmark, white sandy beaches, vast green lawns, and summer fun. Then, we were lucky enough to work with Ben Rupert, a member of the Shoshone and Paiute tribes, who told us the Indigenous significance of the land. Every landmark had a story, just as every place has a deeper history. These videos are available via these youtube links or our interactive map below. Whitewashing and anglicization has buried the Indigenous history, and this project is only the tip of the shovel.

To access the videos, click on the marker at each site.