Senior Spotlight: Celeste Robin

Celeste is attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada


What advice do you have for TEA students?

My advice to TEA students is to stay disconnected from devices as much as you can. Although it can be fun to have a phone, being disconnected from devices and connected to the forest can be restorative and healing.



What will you miss about TEA?

One thing I’ll miss is the family that I’ve had at TEA. I am forever connected to my peers and know that the relationships I have had with them for the last 8 years will continue to last a lifetime. I’ll just miss seeing them every day and traveling all over the world with them.



Celeste’s Senior Intensive Summary:

Celeste had always been passionate about mental health and suicide prevention. She knew that suicide was a growing problem, especially amongst younger demographics, and she felt a certain obligation to make a difference. As a student at TEA, Celeste saw an opportunity to bring awareness to this issue and make a difference in her community through her Senior Intensive.

Celeste spent months researching suicide prevention, attending workshops and seminars, and gathering information from experts in the field. Celeste even reached out to California legislators on suicide prevention tactics and worked tirelessly to create a powerful and informative presentation, as well as informational pamphlets to distribute to students, parents, and teachers.

Though Celeste was confident in her ability to make a difference, she knew that one of the biggest challenges would be reachability. She wanted to ensure that the message was heard far and wide and that people had access to resources and support.

Through her work, Celeste hoped to not only raise awareness of suicide prevention but also to provide practical advice and support to those who needed it. She believed that by coming together as a community, we could create a safer, more supportive environment for everyone.

Celeste gave a powerful presentation to the TEA community. She spoke about the signs of suicide, aiding those in crisis, and stressing the importance of seeking professional help when needed. Her message was well-received.



From Celeste’s family:

“To our sweet, strong, and vibrant Celeste, old soul, ever grounded despite what the world or the people in it test you with. We are thrilled to see where your journey takes you as you enter the big wide world. Your love, strong knowing of what is right and wrong for you, clear boundaries, and willingness to lean into vulnerability will allow you to take on anything that comes your way. You radiate light in this world and your values of zest, forgiveness, and hope shine on the rest of us, and make us better. We will miss your sense of humor and good hugs. We are certain that you can not only overcome any obstacles in the future, but that you will thrive in college and beyond. Keep believing in a good world. We love you and are incredibly proud of you. Bisous, Maman et Papa”