Senior Spotlight: Sarah Stern

Sarah is attending the University of Colorado Boulder

What advice do you have for TEA students?

The advice I would give to TEA students would be to challenge themselves and take advantage of opportunities. This school gives students endless opportunities and you should never sell yourself short.



What will you miss about TEA?

I am going to miss the environment here at TEA with the supportive teachers and classmates. Joining in the middle of my sophomore year, I was nervous as to how or if I would fit in, however, within just a few weeks everyone made me feel like I was at home. I am going to miss the memories I have made here, and I can’t wait to take them with me on my next adventure.



Sarah’s Senior Intensive Summary:

The impacts of climate change on ski resorts and winter tourism have been significant in recent years. Many ski resorts around the world are experiencing shorter winter seasons, unpredictable weather patterns, and diminishing snowfall, which all have a direct impact on the industry and the communities that rely on it. To better understand this issue and its connection to tourism, Sarah Stern made it her mission to gather the experiences and insights of various local community members, as well as experts.

Hannah Berman, a representative from Aspen Snowmass, spoke about the challenges facing ski resorts in the region, including the need for increased snowmaking and the impact of warmer temperatures on snow quality. She also highlighted the importance of sustainability efforts and reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.

Other experts from different backgrounds, including environmental scientists, tourism officials, and small business owners, shared their perspectives on the issue. They discussed the need for collaboration between different stakeholders to find solutions that benefit both the environment and the local economy.

Sarah also gathered information on the impacts of tourism on small communities and businesses, including issues like overcrowding and rising housing costs while focusing on the importance of responsible tourism practices and finding ways to support local businesses while minimizing negative impacts.

Armed with this knowledge, Sarah set out to spread awareness in the local community about the impacts of tourism and the need for sustainable practices by organizing events and workshops to educate people on the issue and encouraging them to take action in their own lives.

Although the topic was challenging, Sarah remained confident in her ability to make a difference and embraced her warrior spirit, tackling the challenges of this project with fierce efficiency. She knew that by working together and tuning in to the experiences of those experienced in the matter, she could make a positive impact on the environment and the communities that depend on it. With hopes of her message spreading throughout the region, she hopes to inspire a wider audience to join in their efforts and work towards a sustainable future for all.



From Sarah’s family:

“When you first looked at TEA in 8th grade and had the idea to move to Tahoe, we were pretty sure it wasn’t ever going to be a possibility. But here we are, loving life in Truckee, and what an adventure it has been! You have always been a good student…organized, motivated, thoughtful, independant. But these years at TEA have allowed you to take that solid foundation and try new things, take risks, and deal with (a long list!) of difficult situations. Life beyond high school is going to be exciting, and will present new challenges. Watching you grow up these last 18 years – and especially over the last 2 – we have full confidence that you can weather any storm. Your kind nature, keen self-awareness, confidence and curiosity will help guide you forward. We are so proud of the strong woman you are, and excited to see where the next chapter takes you. Lots of love, Mama, Dada, Noah, Hannah, Kona and Alani”