What’s Up in the Sky? A First-Grade Study of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Building literacy and science skills through a study of the sun, moon, and stars

Why do authors write about the sun, moon, and stars?

What patterns can we observe in the sky?

How do authors use their knowledge and observations to write a story?

Our 1st-Grade Chickadee Crew students are building their literacy and science skills as they engage in a study of the sun, moon, and stars. Through various narrative texts students first set off to understand how and why the sun, moon, and stars inspire authors. Next, the students focused their study on the science concepts of observable patterns in the sky as they relate to the sun, moon, and stars. Students tracked their observations in pictures and videos in a Sky Notebook.

students sitting around a teacher
a teacher explains how to use a telescope
1st graders sitting around a teacher
a girl looking through a telescope sight

Thank you to our resident astronomy expert (and TEA parent!) Jamie Hadden

To put this learning into a real-world context, the Chickadee crew had a visit from astronomy expert (and TEA parent!) Jamie Hadden. Jamie showed the crew how to set up and take down the telescopes. The crew worked in teams to set up each telescope and had some fun together learning how to use them.

With their background knowledge built the Chickadee Crew hiked up to the Crystal Bay Fire Tower/Lookout to get a great big view of the sky. It was a beautiful and sunny day for a hike, and all the kids got a chance to view the sun safely through a filtered telescope.

1st grader holding up his drawing
a girl looks through a telescope
two girls sit and compare notes
the first grade class getting their picture taken

As always, we appreciate our TEA Parents for being real-world experts and photo journalists.