Pre-K Kiddos Go Cross Country Skiing at Squaw Valley

There's one thing for sure, our Pre-K Kiddos sleep well at night!

The Castle Peak Crew did a tremendous job of facing all of TEA’s character building traits during their cross-country ski outing to Squaw Valley. Each year, these XC ski trips are an absolute student favorite. They are the epitome of character building for these three and four-year-olds. They learn to manage their equipment as the teacher is not always right next to the child when the mitten falls off. They learn that they have to get back up on their own, as the teacher is helping someone else. They learn collaboration as they follow and help each other around the track. It is so fun watching kids turn from yard sales at the beginning of the year, to proficient skiers at the end of the season!

Here are a few examples of how these cross-country ski outings align with our character outcomes.

Perseverance: There was lots of falling, and the determination to get back up was demonstrated by most of the skiers. Some even hiked up the bunny hill a little!

Craftsmanship: The kids showing some good ski form with mittens in the air and speeding around!

Collaboration: When it came time to take off their gear, the kids helped each other remove the skis.

Responsibility: Once the gear was off, they carried their gear to the crew leaders.

Advocacy: When a purple glove was missing, a crew leader went into the building to find the glove in lost and found.

Empathy: There was a dirt-wind storm that blew on the crew at the end of the session when waiting for the shuttle bus. It blew so hard, it knocked over trash cans of full soda and juice! The kids were disoriented and upset from the strong wind, so they checked in with each other afterward and found shelter behind a tank.

Stewardship: After the windstorm, they helped the employee clean up all the spilled soda and juice bottles.

Gratitude: Perhaps a stretch, however, the kids were certainly showing their appreciation for snow by eating it every time they fell!

Thank you to our three amazing crew leaders who have their gloves full when they take the kids skiing!

pre-k student with skis kneeling in the snow
pre-k students on skis closely following their teacher
pre-k student sitting in the snow